The following are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions regarding our trips and services.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call us at 321-624-4620 or use our contact form.

Do the packages include transportation?

Although transportation is not included in our packages, you can choose to have a Memorable Tours representative assist in arranging air, motorcoach or train transportation for your group or you can choose to make these arrangements on your own. If you wish for Memorable Tours to make these arrangements for you, call toll-free at 888-326-9972 or e-mail us at info@memorabletours.com to reserve your space.

Does the tour representative stay with the group at all times?

A Memorable Tours representative will be assigned to meet-up with the group’s sponsor/director daily throughout the trip and be available 24-hours a day for any additional assistance.

What is the chaperone ratio policy?

Memorable Tours requires that each trip sponsor/director assign a reasonable amount of adults as designated chaperones. The exact number of chaperones will vary by group depending on school requirements. Chaperones will assist in supervising students and will stay with them at all times during the course of the trip, unless the students are given free time at an attraction.

Are there any additional fees to be paid such as taxes and gratuities during our trip?

All taxes and gratuities based on the contracted meals and activities built-into your itinerary are included on the cost of your trip (excluding transportation services). Although it is not required, if you feel you have received exceptional services from your tour escort(s) and/or bus driver(s), you may choose to add a gratuity to these services at the end of your trip. For additional meals on you own, the standard gratuity recommended is 15% for sit down meals and for fast food meals, gratuities are generally not expected.

When is our deposit due?

It is recommended that your initial deposit is sent in as soon as your trip has been approved so that we can secure your hotel rooms (1st come, 1st serve basis). A payment plan for the remainder of the balance can be arranged to suit your preferred schedule with the final payment/balance due in full 30 days prior to the arrival date of the group.

How does your complimentary policy work?

If your agreement offers “One complimentary package for every 10 paid, based on the double package rate”, you will receive one full package (excluding transportation if applicable) at the double package price. (Example: If you have 45 travelers, you will receive 4 free trips based on the double package price each). The total of your free packages will be deducted from your final invoice.

When is the rooming list due?

A final rooming list is due to Memorable Tours by no later than 45 days prior to the group’s date of arrival. This will allow Memorable Tours to provide you with a final invoice for the total cost of the trip due 30 days prior to arrival.

Will the bus(es) stay with the group 24 hours a day?

If your group travels from home via motorcoach, the bus(s) will follow the group’s itinerary and remain with the group along the way. If your group travels via air or train, the local bus company providing transportation services will pick up and drop off according to your itinerary but will NOT remain with the group otherwise.

Do the hotels have security services?

Although all of the hotels contracted by Memorable Tours offer 24 hour hotel security, you may choose to hire additional and personal uniformed security to monitor your group specifically during the late evening into early morning hours. Charges usually run between $20-$30 per hour with a minimum of 5 to 6 hours.

When will I receive my tickets to the attractions?

Upon arrival in Orlando you will be met by a representative from Memorable Tours with tickets and related information to the venue you have arrived at. This person will also meet the group at the hotel and assist the group with check-in. A Memorable Tours representative will meet your group each morning to distribute your tickets on a daily basis and will also meet you at all meal venues scheduled by MT. Although we do not recommend it, you can request to receive all your tickets upon arrival but we suggest you place them in a hotel safety deposit box.

Do the hotels have swimming pools?

All hotels contracted by Memorable Tours have pools and most will have a restaurant, gift shop, game room, banquet space, and shopping nearby.

When can we check into the hotel?

Normally, hotel check-in times are between 3PM & 4PM depending on the hotel. If you arrive in the morning, we like to schedule your arrival at one of the venues on your itinerary thus not to waste any time in-between and to fill in the day before arriving at the hotel. Your final itinerary will be arranged accordingly based on your planned arrival and departure times into Orlando.

Is a passport needed to travel on board the plane?

A passport is NOT required if traveling on domestic flights, however everyone IS required to have some sort of photo ID. This needs to be a valid form of government issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport, state ID, military ID, school ID, etc.

What happens if it rains?

Although we can not predict the weather, we try to be pro-active in the event of rain. Theme parks do not give refunds for inclement weather. Therefore, we recommend that the day go according to plan. In the event of severe weather, the situation will be handled on a case by case basis making appropriate changes to the itinerary if needed based on the sponsor/director’s request.

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Although transportation is not included in our packages, you can choose to have a Memorable Tours representative assist in arranging air, motor coach or train transportation for your group or you can choose to make these arrangements on your own.

For More Information Call Us at 321-624-4620 or e-mail us to reserve your space.

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